[‚Äčtimestamp: 03/01/2017]

I dreamt of you last night.

It wasn’t the usual dream

Of fleeting touches 

And hands on my hair.

Instead, it was the image

Of two people who once had been

Finally cleaning and filling in

The muddy gaps on the ground.

This was what I wanted from you

From the very start.

I didn’t want you to stay.

I wanted you to say

That the inevitanle winter has come

And that my hands aren’t enough anymore

To keep you warm.

To have woken up from such a dream

Made me happy and thankful

That you had been mine once.

Even if the puzzle was finished

Only in my dream,

I will hold onto it

To keep myself from wondering

What else might have been.

Goodbye, my four-eyed soldier

It’s been six years since

I am so glad to have met you.