to my 04.16 star

[a tribute to the Sewol ferry tragedy. It’s been three years.]


[Timestamp: 04/16/2017]

It’s been so long since we met
How are you now?
Are you smiling?
Are you taking care of yourself?
Are you keeping yourself warm?
Never knew ‘3’ could mean something so inevitably long.

Don’t worry, love
I’m okay here
I’m taking care of the others
We’re trying our best to go and make it seem
As if you never really left us.
He came back to bring you luck again,
And she was careful with wherever she went,
They know how thankful you were for their guidance,
We’re trying our best to be fine
Without ever forgetting you.

Don’t worry, love
I’ll pocket all the dreams and letters
You’ve left scattered in your trail to the stars,
I’ll give them a home inside this aging body of mine
And give them back when we meet again.
I’ll keep your image and words close to my heart
Because I don’t want to forget.
I want to remember you when we meet again
Without a single wrinkle forgotten.
I’ll protect the warmth you left
To get us through this cold winter,
I’ll use it as a cloak to adorn our frail bodies
Until you come back and bring us more.

Don’t worry too much, love
And keep traveling to reach the things
Even we couldn’t reach.
And, when you find a home again
In the midst of the chaos the universe brings,
Maybe a small spot in Saturn or on the top of meteor,
Hurry back and take us with you
So that you may never have to travel again alone.
Let’s walk the galaxies together, love.
Until then,
We’ll wait for you.
I love you, my beloved.
See you again.