About the Estate

Welcome to The Estate! Come in, she has just renovated.

The Estate is a space where a 19-year-old a Erristocrat resides. Unlike her other aristocrat counterparts, she lives alone. She has decorated The Estate’s walls with her bursts of energy, along with different shades of her heart and mind. There’s much to improve on the lighting around the house though, since it is directly connected to her varying moods (Our Erristocrat assures she’s finding ways to fix this problem). There are a number of wings within the Estate, all of which show a different aesthetic of our Erristocrat’s emotions. 

Our Erristocrat renovates the house everyday, always searching for the balance she desires. We ask for your utmost patience and love for The Estate and for our Erristocrat as well.


(Translation: Hello! I’m Erris, a 19-year-old undergraduate student taking up FLCD (finally!) at University of the Philippines-Diliman. This is the space where I share myself through writings or random posts. I’m still working my way through life to create and be happy and content with who I am. Just a bit of warning, though: there will be mushy posts, fangirling, sad and pathetic poems, etc. Hope I don’t turn you off of giving this blog a chance! This is the fourth blog I’ve opened. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep this up haha.)


Feel free to make yourself comfortable! The Estate is as much of a home to our Erristocrat as it is to you. Have a good day!